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Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022 – American Comedy horror film directed by Halina Reijin in English Language. the story is written by sarah Delappe from story by Kristen roupenian. A working-classs of young woman from Europe Trvaels with her girlfriend Sophie to Hurricane party owned by the family of Sophie childhood Friend name of Mr. David.

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Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022

Everything starts with a close-up of a passionate kiss between two young women who are so clearly into each other that the camera won’t let it focus on anything else. This thirsty kiss from director Halina Reijn nearly acts as a promise about the type of film her riotously enjoyable “Bodies Bodies Bodies” would be. It is sensual, lively, and delightfully immodest. What a joy at the conclusion to learn that she would keep her word with her survive-the-night whodunit. In that sense, prepare for a Gen Z and Then There Were None entwined with the luscious nihilism of A Bigger Splash and societal worries of Knives Out one that neither skimps on character development. However problematic nor hesitates to use difficult language. This generosity is a real risk because the characters in Sarah DeLappe’s screenplay adapted from a narrative by Kristen Roupenian, the author of the hugely acclaimed New Yorker short story Cat Person don’t exactly come across as likeable. The aforementioned snoggers Sophie and Bee are the first two of the group that we get to meet. They are played by an electrifying Amandla Sternberg The Hate U Give and the amazing “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” breakout Maria Bakalova respectively.

Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022

They are on their way to a house party at the mansion of the extremely wealthy David goofy Pete Davidson Sophie’s best and closest friend, when we learn that they are dating pretty recently. Along with them would be Pete’s posh girlfriend Emma Chase Sui Wonders the ambitious Jordan Myha’la Herrold and the feisty Alice Rachel Sennott, Shiva Baby who easily stands out from the rest of the ensemble as a comically clueless podcaster who could use to speak a little less.

Greg Alice’s significantly older lover who is 40,stands out amid a sea of twentysomethings Lee Pace. When a Group of Wealthy Plan for a Hurricane party in Family house, a game turns in deadly mode and funny look at back stabbing of fake friends and party gone to very very wrong way of Death.

Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022

All of these folks you see, are obscenely wealthy with the exception of the little Bee. However, no amount of money can hide the petty behaviour that permeates their ranks. To everyone’s surprise, tensions start to build as soon as Sophie and Bee enter the huge estate. Why didn’t Sophie confirm her attendance in the group chat? That Bee she brought along, who is she? Jordan feels especially resentful of Bee’s presence and still has affections for Sophie. The only thing that could top the impending hurricane, the underlying cause of the house party full of alcohol, drugs, and foolish games to be performed in the dark, is the perfect storm of resentments among the group. In the Bloody Game turns friends to fake friends at every turn as finding the killer among us. The humor in the begining of Movie was quite good and throughout the movie all of them are laugh which is most stupidity of the girls.

Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022

When a Group of Twenty friends for get together for a night of drinking and other stuff where one of good friend suggests a Game which is called – Bodies Bodies Bodies – the pattern is secretly pegged as the KILLER while rest of the Gang is Mudered. The purpose of that Game is never trust on Anyone and try to identify the PSYCHO.

Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022
Pete Davidson plan a tour for Bloody Game.

The believability with which Reijn creates the society in which the pampered kids live contributes just as much to its appeal as the visuals. These people, who spend their whole lives online on social media, TikTok, and group messaging, to put it mildly, use plenty of fashionable buzz terms, from “gaslighting” to “ally.” These phrases, however, mean much more in “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies,” where a perceptive script goes above and beyond to represent its characters as real, genuine, flesh-and-blood members of Gen Z rather than as empty box-tickers. You first get to know them very well while being enthralled by their organic chemistry. (The ensemble is fantastic; this cannot be stressed.) Soon after, you start to doubt your knowledge of them; you wonder if you really really know them. Sophie Childhood friend David plan the game which was gone in very wrong way what could have been routine the horror trip instead of an incredibly clever, scary and intelligent.

Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022
Name of Fear.

In the Game Jordan shoots Alice in the Leg First. Alice then fatally shot in the throat later attacks Jordan, pushing over the Bannister and Causing her to Fall to her Death with her dying Breath.

Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022
Bloody Game ENDS.

Amazing Cast

  1. Amandla Stenberg as Sophie
  2. Maria Bakalova as Bee
  3. Myhala Herrold as Jordan
  4. Chase Sui wonders as Emma
  5. Lee Pace as Greg
  6. Pete Davidson as David
  7. Conner O Malley as Max


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