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Pinocchio 2022 Story –

Pinocchio 2022 Live Action Film 2022 Review

Pinocchio live action film 2022 – The American musical fantasy film Pinocchio which stars Robert Zemeckis and Chris Weitz, was released in 2022. It is a live action adaptation of Walt Disney’s 1940 animated picture of the same name which was based on Carlo Collodi’s 1883 Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. The movie is made by Walt Disney Pictures, Tom Hanks, Cynthia Erivo, Giuseppe Battiston, and Luke Evans are the movie’s main actors, and voices are provided by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Keegan Michael Key.

Pinocchio 2022 live-action film Hollywood Trending movie
Pinocchio 2022 live-action film Hollywood Trending movie

Pinocchio The Live-Action Film’s production officially began in April 2015. Sam Mendes and Paul King were first thought of as potential directors for the movie before Zemeckis Confirmation as the director in January 2020. Hanks reportedly had early discussions to portray Geppetto in the movie in November 2018. He later decided against the project after King left, but he returned to it in August 2020. The principal cast members were revealed between January and March 2021. Principal photography started in March 2021 and was completed in April 2021.

Pinocchio hovers in an existential wasteland much like its central puppet. The most recent live-action adaptation of a popular Disney animated classic walks a difficult line between staying true to its artistic roots and trying to be new for contemporary audiences. Snarky one liners coexist alongside well worn phrases. It’s not simply a piece of wood, but it’s also not a genuine boy. The high tech remake by Robert Zemeckis stays true to the Italian children’s book source material and the 1940 original movie but it also includes brand-new songs and witty pop-culture allusions. The most of them clang and feel forced, but one, I’ll admit, makes me laugh aloud. In addition to When You Wish Upon a Star which vocal owerhouse Cynthia Erivo now performs as the Blue Fairy the album also includes brief meta comments on parenthood, education, and the dangers of fame. The end effect is a jumbled blend that while occasionally exuberant and humorous is seldom singular or exceptional.

American musical fantasy
American musical fantasy

But given that he Co wrote About a Boy with Chris Weitz and directed the film. It makes perfect sense that Zemeckis would want to take on this significant undertaking. From the stunning hybrid of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to his groundbreaking use of motion capture in The Polar Express director Zemeckis has always pushed the boundaries of animation and visual effects. This is similar to how the original Pinocchio was groundbreaking in its artistic complexity and fortunately since 2004 Technology has advanced to prevent human characters from appearing so horrifyingly rubbery.

Although many of the details have a tactile authenticity, this new Pinocchio essentially seems fully animated. This is particularly true near the climax of the adventure when the cheery puppet finds himself in the gaping maw of a terrifying sea monster. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so we obviously need Jiminy Cricket cheery narration Joseph GordonLevitt who starred in Zemeckis’ The Walk to keep us on course.

directed by Robert Zemeckis
Directed by Robert Zemeckis

You already know the story it’s warning about continuing your education and avoiding becoming a delinquent or worse an actor—but let’s go over it again. As the affable woodcarver Gepetto who also happens to manufacture cuckoo clocks with numerous Disney characters like Dumbo and Maleficent, in an eye rolling detail Tom Hanks is at his most amiable. Hanks is reuniting with the director of Forrest Gump and Cast Away in this cosy cardigan of a role, and between this Elvis he appears to be relishing exploring his purposefully hammy side. It is a silly amusing performance. After finishing up his marionette which he names Pinocchio lonely Gepetto makes a wish on a star one night which brings the puppet to life. When the Blue Fairy enters the workshop, she sprinkles Pinocchio voiced by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth with magic dust and instructs him to demonstrate his bravery truthfulness and unselfishness in order to transform into a genuine boy. You’ll wish there were more of Erivo because she is such a magnificent sight to behold, but unfortunately, we must go on to the next thing. Jiminy Cricket is tasked with serving as his conscience to support him in this endeavour. However, Pinocchio naturally encounters the evil fox Honest John on his way to his first day of school who has different plans for him.

Pinocchio 2022 live action film
A multitude of adventures

Numerous experiences follow which we won’t go into detail about here. However, they do feature a ravenous Luke Evans as the Coachman leading kids to their deaths at Pleasure Island’s glittering carnival of well-ordered pandemonium. The illegal high of smoking is no more instead bullying one another on social media is the new teen addiction! In case you weren’t aware too much sugar allegedly drives kids insane and makes them want to destroy things. It makes sense instinctively to modernise an 80 year old movie in this way but all too frequently these changes are meaningless and offer no new insight. The moral of the story is once again how important honesty is.

This is something that Pinocchio discovers during the entire nose-growing incident, a significant part of his journey that somehow feels rushed in this adaptation. Ainsworth does the titular part with a traditional seriousness that is nearly exaggerated to the point of self-aware comedy. By the film’s climactic end, which by that point looks completely disconnected from the concept of live action he is likewise stuck overexplaining everything in a shrill, frantic manner. All it is are pixels. The music by seasoned composer and longstanding partner Alan Silvestri with Zemeckis surges in all the usual uplifting ways. It’s all quite comfortable and familiar. But do not worry. If this rendition of Pinocchio doesn’t appeal to you Guillermo del Toro has a stop motion animation adaptation of the timeless story that will be released in December. We wouldn’t make up information of that nature.

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