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The Good Nurse” Given their penchant to make a huge splash, it is refreshing to see Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne take supporting roles in Tobias Lindholm’s “The Good Nurse,” which had its TIFF premiere before making its Netflix debut in October. The entire movie is in a minor key which is an issue. It seems as though the filmmakers were so overcome with admiration for the admittedly valiant protagonist of this actual story that they forgot to give the movie a pulse. In order to push its characters into a thriller that does not overdo things like this one, “The Good Nurse” first skims the surface of various issues such a medical system that is so dysfunctional in its overprotective state and then reduces them to a short list of defined features.

Amy Loughren (Chastain) works as a nurse at a typical New Jersey hospital while juggling her responsibilities as a single mother and her demanding profession. When it is discovered that she has a cardiac problem that could result in death if a heart transplant is not received in time things get much more difficult. She hides the illness from her superiors and continues to work because she hasn’t been there long enough to qualify for the necessary health insurance. The heart condition gives “The Good Nurse” a ticking time bomb element because it makes Amy’s heart rate excessively high which could result in death.

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When Amy first meets the gentle Charles Cullen (Redmayne), a new nurse who befriends Amy and offers to assist her with her patients and even with taking care of her children, she believes the opposite is going to happen. Charles initially appears to be a lifesaver a coworker who is aware of Amy’s secret and is eager to assist. Amy is unaware that the hospital represented by a cold-blooded Kim Dickens has informed the local authorities about a worrying scenario regarding the mysterious death of one of Amy’s patients. A woman suddenly experienced a code, and abnormally high levels of insulin were discovered in her body. The hospital really simply informed the police so they could be ready for any legal liability despite the fact that she had definitely received a double dose. As they delve a little more the investigating cops played by Noah Emmerich and Nnamdi Asomugha uncover Mr. Cullen’s unsettling work history at nine prior institutions, all of which he left with rumours flying. Then another of Amy’s patients passes away.

Without the bravery of someone inside the system, would Charles Cullen who it is verified killed at least 29 people though it is feared the total may have been in the hundreds ever have been apprehended ? The operations that employed and fired Cullen fearful of being sued in reality fell well short of their moral obligations passing a serial killer on to his next victim. Cullen was free to continue as long as the business over ethics concept persisted. Although she had a lot to lose in doing so Lindholm was obviously drawn to the hero arc of this genuine event the one person who broke the trend by assisting authorities.

The Good Nurse Mwreviewz

And that’s pretty much where the characters’ growth stopped. In addition to the case’s facts, we learn very little about Amy and Charles. Mother Amy has a heart issue. That’s pretty much all there is to say. Yes, there is something to be said for a thriller that concentrates on its true crime story so intensively that it nearly feels as though it is entangling you in it but this film doesn’t do that either because it is too plodding. It’s a remarkable thin screenplay with a two-hour runtime that frequently confuses slow with subtle. I was once or twice pleading with someone to put on a light since so many new shows and movies have to look like “Ozark” which may be a Netflix thing.

It’s absurd when filmmakers misinterpret important drama as requiring low lighting and quiet dialogue. But in the end it illustrates how overly performative “The Good Nurse” is the cast ultimately puts in a lot of work that will elevate “The Good Nurse” to excellent movie status for some viewers when it debuts on Netflix. Like I said there is something amazing about watching these two excellent actors play quiet soft spoken characters for at least most of a movie. Redmayne goes a little broad in the final scenes but he has earned it and it makes the release all the more potent given the register he’s been in up to that point. Also excellent are the supporting performers especially Asomugha who I think would make a great lead in a grimy detective drama. These actors are good. They should be in a better movie that’s all. From the Toronto International Film Festival this review was submitted on October 26, Netflix will launch it.

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