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Mohanlal as Raw Agent Mr. Ram
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Mohanlal Play Raw Agent as Name of Mr. Ram Mohan IPS.

Ram – Mohanlal will portray a RAW agent in Jeethu Joseph’s movie 2022 producers will shortly unveil a significant update. The popular Malayalam actor is currently occupied in the UK filming his big project Ram. After the huge triumphs of Drishyam, Drishyam 2 and the recently released thriller 12th Man, the highly anticipated movie marks Mohanlal’s fourth collaboration with hitmaker Jeethu Joseph. Ram which was supposed to roll out in 2020 was repeatedly postponed because of the lockdowns. After Ram was shelved due to the pandemic Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph worked together on Drishyam 2 and 12th Man.

The eagerly anticipated project is finally back on course though. Social media is already ablaze with discussion on Mohanlal’s role in the Jeethu Joseph film. According to reports, the entire actor would portray Indian RAW agent Ram Mohan IPS in the film. Ram according to rumour is said to centre on the investigation of six murders that take place around the world. Ram Mohan IPS played by Mohanlal is tasked with leading the squad looking into these killings. According to reports the film’s creators intend to deliver a significant update in October.

Ram is a pure action movie, according to an earlier interview with Ram’s director Jeethu Joseph. The renowned director did remark that the Mohanlal nstarring movie will feature realistic stunts rather than being a big-budget action flick. The director claims that the movie won’t take the same route as classic Malayalam action movies. Ram on the other hand, will be a distinctive experience for the viewers, according to Mohanlal.
Ram will be released in two parts and in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi in addition to English. In Ram which also stars Bollywood actor Adil Hussain, Indrajith Sukumaran, Saikumar, Siddique Kalabhavan Shahjohn, Samyuktha Menon and others in supporting parts, Trisha Krishnan plays the female protagonist opposite Mohanlal and the soundtrack is composed by Vishnu Shyam.

Sanjay Tripathi, a filmmaker whose debut film Club 60 received raving reviews is currently at work on his second movie. Rabinder Singh a RAW agent accused of spying who vanished while being monitored for spying activity would be the subject of the biopic about his life. After reading Swapan Dasgupta’s post I started to become curious about the situation. In May 2004, the scandal struck our intelligence services. Amar Bhushan’s book Escape To Nowhere is the source material for my picture according to Tripathi. His account of Rabinder Singh’s tale is fantastic. Since the author Amar Bhushan is a cousin obtaining the rights to the book wasn’t too difficult for me he said. Rabinder Singh will probably be portrayed by seasoned actor Pankaj Kapoor in Tripathi’s movie. Mohanlal, a celebrity in Malayalam is anticipated to join the cast as well. His directing debut Club 60 which starred Vineet Kumar, Farooque Sheikh, Sarika, Raghubir Yadav, Satish Shah, Tinu Anand and Sharad Saxena, debuted to a plethora of positive reviews. But despite the glowing reviews sales lagged behind. One of the roles was scheduled to go to Om Puri. But he chose not to. He most likely didn’t want to collaborate with a brand-new filmmaker. But I’m happy Sharat Saxena filled that role and he has the mischief necessary to pull off the roguish part in his eyes the director remarked.

Farooq Sheikh came up with the name Sarikaji. I hadn’t seen a lot of her work before. I should watch Sarikaji in Rahul Dholakia’s Parzania as suggested by Farooq Saab. I did. And her courtroom questioning scene convinced me that she was the ideal choice for the role of the grieving mother in my movie the director remarked.

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